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Carl Avery is a professional artist-builder-fabricator, specializing in airbrush, pinstriping, custom paint, illustration, murals, graphic design and high quality commission work.  

 Growing up on a Native American Reservation in Northern California, Carl's work is highly influenced by nature and cultural designs. However, his passion for art has pushed his inspirations to take on new forms. Dabbling in what he calls his graffiti style, Carl experiments with loud abrupt color and geometric shapes.  

On the backhand, Carl is an award winning custom painter and when a customer has an idea that has to be just right, Carl is the man for the job! Whether you are looking for a new logo, maybe a motorcycle dressed to impress, or that simple artistic view on an old hotrod, turn no further; you're in good hands.

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Carl has been instrumental in designing and painting our flagship product.  He continues to impress with each new design and never seems to run out of ideas.  We hope to retain him as our key artist for many years to come.  

Judson Hanna - Maltese Militia

Amazing work that is one of a kind. We are always happy with the pieces we get.

Joshua McAdoo

Carl is the most talented airbrush artist out there

he takes your dreams and brings them to life 

Eric Carbin

Recent Works and Works in progress can be seen on instagram